5 Things to Check in Your Cars Before Winter Arrives

Car service

A sudden car breakdown during the winters can pose a problem. You wouldn’t want your car to break down in the middle of a deserted road with snow all around. Cold temperatures take a toll on the health of vehicles. The batteries, rubber parts and brake oils get damaged under severe cold weather. Winters are unavoidable. However, you can make sure that your car stays healthy during this season. For that, avail of professional garage service in Sutton for your car before the winter hits.


Here are a few things before the winter arrives. Please make sure you get them fixed from the best garage services in Sutton as soon as possible.


How to prepare your car for the winter?


Examine the coolant


Coolants contain antifreeze in the solution. This prevents the solution from freezing up during the winters. However, the severity of the antifreeze solutions deteriorates over time. Hence, before winter arrives, make sure that you check the condition of the coolant and refill the same is required. Popular garage services in Sutton focus on replacing the same if the car is at least a year old.


Check tyres


Good tyres with a firm grip are necessary during the winters. Otherwise, the vehicle might slip off over the snow. Take your car to some of the best garage services in Sutton and replace the normal tyres with the special ones for the winters. Winter tyres are flexible and don’t get inflated easily. Also, don’t forget to always keep a spare tyre always whenever you’re travelling during the winters.


Clear wipers and lights


Visibility problems during snowfalls cause serious accidents. Hence, most of the time, you’ll have to depend on your wipers. Hence, before the winter arrives, check the wipers and fix them. Refill the windscreen washer fluid as well. Also, fix the lights and the indicators as guiding agents in the dark and snowy roads.


Check rubber parts


Rubber parts in a car get stretched during the cold season. The rubber parts generally lose flexibility and become either loose or tight. Hence, if required, replace the same with a new one. An old rubber belt might snap in the middle of the road, leaving you in danger.



Fix the brakes

Brakes are an essential element during the winters. If the brakes don’t work at the required time, you might end up in an accident. Thus, fix the slightest brake problem that you might be encountering before the winter hits the road.


Car maintenance tips

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