5 Signals That Your Car Needs Immediate Servicing

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With the passing times, the models of cars and automobiles have evolved significantly. To keep them in good condition, your vehicle needs care and maintenance. Regular vehicle servicing ensures utmost safety, increased drivability and performance. The garage services in Sutton provide expert services for vehicle servicing to make it roadworthy.

With continued usage, the different car components start wearing down. Since your car’s health is a top priority, you should always be on the lookout for the common signals that your vehicle exhibits. This way, you can instantly identify the problem areas and get them resolved.


Common Indications That Your Car Needs Garage Service


  1. Checking the engine light

The auto industry has come up with several technological advancements. The engine lights link to the internal functioning system of the car. You must always pay close attention to these indicators. If the lights turn on, it is a signal of a potential issue.

An illuminating light on the engine dashboard is a warning of “check engine”. If the yellow light flashes, take your car to the garage for immediate servicing.


  1. Leaking

Notice irregular leaks coming out of your car. If there are stains or spills of the leak, it is advisable to take it to the garage service for repair. Exhaust smokes are another dangerous indication. If the car engine overheats, check the temperature. Excessive smoke from the car bonnet is a result of oil leakage. It can also happen due to failure of the head gasket, worn-out valve seals, damaged engine oil seals etc.


  1. Unusual vibrations

While driving a car, it is annoying to experience vibrations and shudders. It is a signal of some serious error.


  • A whining sound from the bonnet – loose wire belts, battery problem, overheating
  • Unusual noises from car exhaust- Holes or cracks in the hole, destruction of the exhaust pipes
  • Metal clashing sounds – Broken car parts, scrubbing of the parts
  • Engine noises – Malfunctioning of the air-fuel mix, spark plug problems


  1. Brake problems

The gearbox and the brake systems are the most utilised parts of the vehicle. Thye experience regular wear and tear. This further makes it more prone to dysfunction. These problems are easily noticeable; hence, you must take quick actions and be prompt in addressing the problems.


  1. Frequent stalling

This is mainly because of the car battery problem. Frequent stalling is an indication that your car is struggling to generate power. Fixing the spark plugs can provide a straightforward solution. It can also happen from the malfunctioning fuel injection system.


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