Bought Your First Car? Few Car Servicing Tips For You

Marlow Motors

Irrespective of why you have purchased your first car, it is your responsibility to ensure that it gets the right care and services. Buying a car is a substantial investment. You can enjoy a smooth driving experience for years if your car gets sufficient care and maintenance. It might become a challenge if you have bought your first car. Even a minor mistake during car servicing can compromise your safety on the road. The best you can do is to visit a reputable garage for car service in Sutton. Marlow Motors regularly update their garage by adding modern technologies and advanced tools so you can get the best car servicing.

3 Car Servicing Tips For First-Time Car Owners

  • Be Very Careful

Use your common sense and be very attentive when driving a car, and it will become easier for you to identify minor issues. Visit a mechanic if you ever notice fluid leakage, sound or strange smell. They will also check the engine light, fuel indicator and other warning lights on the dashboard. If they notice that the performance of your car has deteriorated, they will check the steering controls, mileage, pick-up and braking condition. You can save on your repair costs by fixing the issues before they become complicated.


  • Check The User Manual When Required

One of the most common mistakes car owners make is that they ignore the user manual completely once they take their car home. To keep your car in top condition, you should keep the user manual handy. Treat it as a Bible for your expensive vehicle as it contains all the technical details. You will know the best practices for easy car maintenance. You will be surprised to know that most minor issues can be fixed by going through the user manual. If you have already lost the user manual, check the website of the manufacturing company.


  • Check The Tyre Pressure

You can maintain your ride quality and the condition of the tyres by ensuring that they are properly inflated. It also helps in reducing the chances of wear and tear. The pressure reduces over time. Take your car to a garage at least once every month, where mechanics will use a gauge to check the tyre pressure. You have to measure the tyre pressure more frequently if you travel in your car often.


These being said, it’s time first-time car users start following the car servicing tips stated above and get in touch with the experienced mechanics at Marlow Motors.