5 Most Common Car Failures That Occur During MOT Testing

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MOT (Ministry of Transport) testing is an annual inspection of a car’s condition and safety that must be carried out by all vehicles older than three years old. Even though countless criteria are checked during the test, some common failures occur more frequently than others. Hence always take your car to a professional garage for an MOT in Sutton. The professionals in the garage will help you with the repairs and provide you with suitable suggestions related to your car’s condition.

Why does a car fail the MOT test?

Brake failure

The first failure tends to be with the brakes, worn brake pads, discs or handbrake cables being the most common culprits. Brakes are essential for stopping the car safely, so if they fail during the MOT test, a new set must be fitted before it can pass its test.

Failed suspension

The second most common failure is with the suspension, either due to worn shock absorbers or broken springs causing uneven tyre wear on one side of the vehicle. Suspension in bad conditions can affect driving control and stability, so this failure is taken very seriously during an MOT test.

Problems with car lights

The third common failure relates to the car’s lights, including headlights, indicators and fog lamps, all having to conform to standards set by the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA). Poorly adjusted lights or blown bulbs can cause drivers to be less visible on the roads at night and lead to accidents.

Problems with car emissions

The fourth common failure revolves around emissions; when tested using specific equipment, cars must meet strict limits set by law. This is because high emissions damage both humans and our environment over time if not kept in check.

Unsuitable tyres

Finally, tyres are also inspected thoroughly during an MOT as they provide grip and stability while driving, so they must comply with certain guidelines depending on their size and type – such as having sufficient tread depth around their circumference etc. Unsuitable tyres can lead to a dangerous loss of grip while driving, meaning an instant fail on your MOT test.


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