3 Signs That Show Your Car Needs Tune-Up Immediately

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Sometimes unknowingly, car owners push the car to its ultimate limit without paying attention to the problems that might occur in the long run. A car needs to be cared for, maintained and loved routinely for good running condition. If you want your car to last longer, you must be attentive to its needs. Whenever you find signs of problems, take the car to a mechanic for proper repair and car servicing.

For instance, hearing subtle noises and problems with brakes and engine oils are a few instances that should not be avoided. This can endanger the life of the car and reduce the life of the car. For good car service in Sutton, approach a professional garage that can help you with proper guidance.

Until then, make sure you look for signs suggesting the car needs tuning up.

What are the signs that your car needs tuning up?


Frequent lights on the dashboard

Apart from the headlights and signal indicators, if the dashboard lights keep glowing and illuminating without any reason, then it’s certain that your car is facing some problems. For instance, if the oil indicator lights up, it’s a sign that the oil pressure is low. Then it’s certainly time to change the oil. In such a case, you’ll need to consult with professional mechanics who can easily help you with details of the oil texture that will suit your car’s engine.

Engine misfires

A misfiring engine can be dangerous if not treated immediately. If you find sparks coming out of the engine’s plug, then there are problems with the engine’s oil filter. A clogged plug can result in igniting sparks that will cause problems with the engine in the long run. If this continues, you will risk losing the power to propel the car and might experience a sudden car breakdown

Fuel problems

When all the car parts need to be fixed, there’s a problem with the fuel consumption and levels of the car. That’s when your car would certainly need tuning up. Fuel is the best option that is responsible for lubricating the whole car. Hence, a car tune-up is necessary if you face problems like low tire pressure, poor wheel alignment and improper functioning.

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