Why Do You Need to have Thorough Car Maintenance Service

car service

Car servicing is not a legal need for car owners. It can be tempting to avoid regular checks to save money. However, there are many benefits to having car servicing that will further save money in the long term.

Here, explore the benefits of car service in Sutton and why it is beneficial over an MOT test.


What is the difference Between A Car Service And an MOT?

The MOT is the legal requirement for vehicles at least 3 years old to determine whether the car is roadworthy. On the other hand, the auto service is an extensive inspection that covers important checks like engine oil, coolant and fluid level and filter replacement.

How Frequent You Need To Have Car Servicing

How often you need to service your vehicle depends upon the overall mileage. For many car owners, a full annual service is suggested yearly to ensure the car is in top condition. Thorough maintenance is also helpful to save money in future. For the high mileage vehicle, it is advisable to have a thorough car servicing every two years along with the interim service.

What Are The Major Benefits Of Having Proper Car Servicing

There are so many benefits to having a car properly serviced to have peace of mind. They are as follows-

  • Improved Road Safety

Neglecting the car for the long term means ignoring potential defects. They can further lead to serious issues in the upcoming days. Having your vehicle serviced means the professional can easily identify and fix the issues. It will improve overall safety levels when you are driving.

  • Increasing Car Value

The car owners now expect more from second-hand models. Proof of the vehicle’s maintenance records will ensure future buyers that your car is well maintained and likely to increase the resale value. If the vehicle has no service record, the buyers will not get any documented evidence and might move back from the deal to buy your car.

  • Extended Car Lifetime

It might seem obvious, but looking after the vehicle means it will last longer. Regularly changing the fluids and filters and checking all the vehicle’s components will improve safety and smoothness. The inspections will help extend the car’s life and keep it running for the future.

Failing to get your vehicle serviced properly to save money is a good idea in the first instance. But, it will further lead to safety issues and save money. Marlow Motors offers complete car service and MOT testing for all types of vehicles. Visit our website to request an appointment.