What Type of Help Can You Get from Garage Services in Sutton?

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Owning a car is great. However, to keep it in a well-functioning condition, you should do timely maintenance and check-ups. For this, it is imperative to take the vehicle to the garage services in Sutton. The car manufacturer will mention timely service sessions that you must avail to get the car inspected. The service will include replacing worn out parts and doing visual checks.

In any reputable garage service, the professionals offer assistance regarding various issues. You can avail them in package forms too.


Things a Car Mechanic Does 


MOT Testing 


Most garages provide common services like MOT, servicing and vehicle repairs. MOT testing is mandatory for vehicles with a lifespan of 3 years and more. The test will determine if the vehicle is safe for driving or not. If you want to know whether a garage does MOT testing, you should look for the symbol of the three blue triangles. MOT checking for the car include the following –

  • Lights
  • Seatbelt
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Exhaust
  • Fuel System
  • Suspension
  • Steering




The garage professionals and mechanics offer three kinds of car servicing.


Interim Car Service is the entry-level package. It is also called the ‘Bronze’ or ‘Basic’ service. It is recommended for cars which have driven over 20000 miles in a year. Therefore, the servicing is for high mileage drivers only.

Interim Car Servicing includes oil and filter changes inspection of the main car components like windscreen wipers, tyres and light. The mechanics also check the lubrication of the car engine to prevent fluid leaks.


Full Car Service is also referred to as the Intermediate or Silver level. The drivers should get it done every month after covering a distance of 12000 miles. It covers a wide range of checks, including air and fuel filter change, extensive brake inspection, air conditioning system inspection, evaluation of electric components like battery, etc.


Major Car Service is for those vehicles which have covered 24000 miles. You can go for this servicing once every 24 months. The comprehensive package includes car part replacement, brake and cabin filter change, tire change and more.




If you notice problems with your vehicle, you should take it to the mechanics for inspection. You can trust the professionals with exceptional solutions at low prices.


  • New tyres – Your car might need a tyre replacement. This is necessary to ensure the vehicle drives smoothly. The mechanics will check the tyre depth and tread and suggest a replacement. It also helps avoid potential skidding.
  • Battery replacement – Although car batteries are rechargeable, they do not last forever. The battery can last somewhere between 5 and 7 years on average. It gets degraded because of cold weather too. This is why you should get it inspected by experts.
  • Wheel alignment – If there is a problem with wheel alignment, steering or suspension, you can fall prey to major accidents. The main causes can be due to heavy impact or bumping at a curb etc.
  • Air conditioning repairs – If there is a persistent problem with the car AC, you should opt for immediate repair. Otherwise, the car engine will damage from gassing.


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