Things You Must Know About Car Servicing before Taking It to a Garage

Car service

Car servicing is essential, and there is no doubt about it. Like our body, vehicles also need proper care and regular maintenance. Servicing will help you to increase the functionality, efficiency and lifespan of your vehicle.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about car service in Sutton, which you must check yourself and then decide.

What Is Car Service?

It is a routine series of maintenance of vehicles that includes various procedures. Trained and certified automobile mechanic carries out these tasks at a certain interval or after a particular distance the vehicle has travelled.

Why Car Service?

The main aim of car service is to check the condition of the car’s parts and body. The experts will inspect the car and offer maintenance procedures to ensure its efficiency and long life on the road. Regular servicing of the car will surely keep your vehicle in good health and at its best form for a longer period.

What Do the Mechanics Do in a Car Servicing?

They inspect the car for checking wear and tear, repairing the damages as well as replacing the elements that are damaged or can cause serious issues to the car. This includes checking the oil, the engine, the brake, the tyres, lights, batteries, cooling system, exhaust, hoses, etc. The maintenance process also includes minor services such as changing the mirrors or repairing the dent.

Why Your Car Needs Regular Servicing?

It is not only good for their health but their excellent performance as well. Your car can experience a lot of perks in its parts which will make it more efficient than before. Fuel-efficiency, better braking, improved handling and a smoother engine are some of these few advantages that you can see after servicing of your car.

Besides, a car that is regularly services has a higher resale value in the market. Hence, if you think of selling your car out at any point, your servicing certificates will help you to get the desired price.


Car Service Sutton
Car Service Sutton

What Types of Car Services Are There?

There are four types of car service available in the market.

  1. Major car servicing
  2. MOT
  3. Full car service
  4. Interim or half-yearly car service

It depends on the current condition, model and the age of your car that which type of servicing you should book for it. Once you take your car to a renowned and trusted car servicing company in Sutton, the experts will help you in deciding the same. They will inspect and diagnose the issues. Your car will get a thorough servicing after they analyse the problems.

Find out a Good Servicing Centre

To reap the benefits of car servicing, you must find out the best service centre. There are certain things to check in a service centre before taking your vehicle to the same.

  • Their experience
  • Their team
  • The services they provide
  • Their memberships
  • The quality of automobile parts they use
  • Their reliability and accountability
  • Their customer service

At Marlow Motors, you will receive the best assistance for car service in Sutton. We offer high-end servicing for all types of vehicles. Please get in touch with us.