Reasons to Opt For Car Preventive Maintenance From Garage Service

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Buying a car or any other vehicle is a long-term investment; hence it is crucial to take them for servicing in a reputed garage in Sutton. The term preventive maintenance speaks for itself. It implies fixing any minor or small issue before the problem amplifies. It is critical to the maintenance strategy as it lowers repair cost, reduces equipment downtime, prolongs the car lifespan, boosts efficiency and leverages asset management.


Undertaking preventive maintenance means taking all the important actions and necessary precautions to prevent the car from breaking down. This ensures minimal damage to the vehicle. You can take the following steps for your car to benefit in the longest run.


The Right Preventive Maintenance Techniques  


  1. Inspecting the timing belt  


This component of the car plays a significant role in engine functionality. It regulates the movement of the camshaft and the pistons so that the engine components do not bang against each other and create unnecessary friction. Once this belt stops working, the grinding and friction starts, which further amplifies and leads to costly repairs and engine replacement.

Experts suggest replacing the timing belt after the car has driven for 60,000 miles.



  1. Oil changes  

While taking your car for regular garage servicing, the technicians check the engine filters as a part of the preventive maintenance schedule. Changing the gunky and unclean oil is crucial to keep the engine in good condition and for the car to function smoothly. Do it after you have driven the car for 3000 to 10000 miles.


  1. Tire rotating  


The more you drive the car on the road, the tires start to wear and tear down. The back tires of the vehicle wear out faster than the front ones. When you take it to the garage for servicing, the mechanics will remove, swap and remount the tires. These rotation sessions will keep the tires in a healthy state. Do this after the car has completed a journey of almost 6000 to 8000 miles. Do not forget to examine the tire alignment too. This is necessary to avoid steering problems and to ensure safety on the road.


  1. Battery Check 


The mechanics will check the car battery and, after close evaluation, will replace the battery if needed. Important indicators for a battery change are trouble starting the car. Many garage services also provide free battery tests. You are also recommended to do routine battery terminal training.


Advantages of Preventive Maintenance of the Car 


  • Improvement in fuel mileage 
  • Economical and saves you from incurring additional costs 
  • Prevents severe car damage 


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