Car Key Programming Options in the UK: An Overview

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The simple process of using a key to open a car and slot it into the ignition to start the car had led to a number of motor thefts. In order to circumvent the problem, car manufacturers invented a set of progressively more refined and robust security applications, such as remote unlocking and enabling cars to start without keys.

The new technology, while rendering a car safer, also entailed a much more complicated and expensive replacement process if a key were to get lost or damaged.


Car Key Programming: A definition


These days, car keys or fobs (if the car is keyless) comprise a transponder microchip that is adjusted to the car’s settings. Only keys or fobs programmed to function with a particular car can be used to start it. If the key or fob is lost or compromised by damage, the way to go would be to order a replacement from the maker. This might however involve an inordinate amount of cost and delay.

The programming of car keys is, by and large, an expedient solution. A blank chip is introduced and fine-tuned to the vehicle, letting a motorist access their car again. Various kinds of keys may be programmed: these include remote key fobs, flip keys with key cards and integrated transponder chips.


Can keys be reprogrammed by car owners themselves?


Even though the internet advertises all manners of DIY solutions to car key reprogramming issues, most car makers would not let this happen. The lack of security that would blight the process if key reprogramming were to be allowed in the hands of owners makes it untenable. Attention to security in the hands of a qualified and professional mechanic adds a layer of safety to the car, preventing thieves from conducting a hasty reprogramming job that would undo the purpose of the entire exercise.


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