3 Major Services to Expect While Selecting the Right Garage

Car service

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a long drive with his beloved to accompany with? Having a car is always great. But what you should also focus on is to ensure it’s functioning properly. Taking your vehicle for a regular inspection in a trusted garage in Sutton will help you identify the possible issues that may be the reason behind its poor performance or sudden breakdown. However, you should always focus on the services offered by the garage before choosing the right one.

What kinds of services are offered in a garage?

Below here are some of the main services you will get in a garage discussed below.


Though it’s not a legal requirement, it is always a requisite suggested by the vehicle manufacturer. Based on the guidelines stated by the manufacturer, you should get each and every component of your vehicle inspected. There are generally two types of services; the full service, which is done after a span of twelve months, and interim service, which is done after every six months. The checks included in this service are:

  • Full brake check
  • Brake fluid top up and check
  • Coolant top up and check
  • Oil filter and oil replacement and check
  • Battery check
  • Exhaust check
  • Charging system check
  • Windscreen wash top up and check
  • Suspension check
  • Light check, and more

MOT testing

As per the vehicle laws, all vehicles over three years old must have an MOT certificate, while it will confirm whether it’s safe to be driven on the road or it needs any repairing service. Not all garages offer an MOT inspection. So ask the garage professionals beforehand about the same and choose the right option. Some of the vehicle components that are covered in MOT testing are:

  • Horn
  • Steering
  • Lights
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Seat belts
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Fuel system


Another core service offered in a garage is repairing services. Your car might face a lot of performance issues, such as appearance of unfamiliar lights on the dashboard, strange noises, or improper functioning. And all these issues can be professionally treated by taking your vehicle to a reliable garage. Some of the most common types of vehicle repairs are battery replacement, air conditioning repairs, new tyres, and more.

The bottom line

The professionals you assign to improve your car’s functioning must be efficient, qualified, and experienced. And we at Marlow Motors Ltd are here to offer you a vast range of garage services at the most competitive rates. We are here for you if you are looking for the best car servicing experts. Consult our experts now.